About Us


Ilse Jonker holds a LLB degree which she obtained from the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education now known as Northwest University and have been practicing as an attorney for more than twelve years. She was admitted as attorney on the 15th of May 2006 and specializes in debt collection with a sound knowledge of the National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and the Magistrates’ Court Act.

Our Offices

Our office is managed by the director, Ilse Jonker, and renders a service to clients nationwide. Our offices are situated as follows:

Room 311A, 3rd Floor, 101 on York Centre, 101 York Street, George

We are situated within walking distance of the Magistrates’ offices, in close proximity to the various post offices, CBD’s, major banks, Provincial Departments and most other legal practices. 

We have sufficient office space, and the capability to expand our existing call centre capacity, should the need arise. 


Our current staff component consists of 30 members who are all well qualified in their specific fields which vary from data capturing, processing, bookkeeping as well as litigation and collections. Our employees attend short courses and training programmes relating to the debt collection industry and related matters within the legal profession on a regular basis, to keep abreast of new developments and updates. Collectively, our staff has the capability to communicate telephonically in all eleven languages spoken in South Africa. Staff is incentivized at every level. We do however have the capacities to expand our current call centre to an additional 80 seats. 


We operate on a computer network system, using the most modern computers based on Pentium technology. The majority of the documents, reports and letters that we generate in our offices are done in either MS Word or Excel and our set of standard templates.

We also use two dedicated attorneys’ programmes of Lexpro Systems, bookkeeping as well as litigation- and debt collection programme. The bookkeeping programme has the normal functions such as receipting, debiting, etc. and can generate various reports in Excel. The litigation programme provides various legal documents and letters in MS Word. Our system has a capability to service over 1 million debtors, with a well oiled procedure to increase call centre staff when required.

Our offices make use of a centralised Xerox 5335 Multifunction Workcentre (Print, Scan, E-mail and Fax functions). It has a duty cycle of up to 150 000 pages per month. All employees have easy access to the Workcentre.

Further to the above, we also make use of Pure Voice Wireless VOIP telephone- and recording system, which enables our call centre personnel to efficiently process and capture recorded debit order instructions via Stratcol Naedo Debit Order Systems. Our offices also make use of the SMS function provided for by Lexpro Systems as well as Vodacom Messaging Services.

Our offices have access to PB Verify, Deed Search, SearchWorx, Compuscan and CIPRO, to assist us in tracing new information and/or verifying existing information pertaining to individuals or companies. Our offices also have access to the Department of Home Affairs database to confirm marital and deceased statuses.

All our systems and programmes are updated regularly, and a daily dual back up system ensures that all updates and /or information are safe and easily retrievable, should a system failure occur.