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Jonker Attorneys Incorporated is a firm of attorneys with offices based in George, Western Cape, specializing in debt collection. The firm is registered in accordance with the relevant legislation with the Cape Law Society, the Debt Collectors Council and PASA (The Payment Association of South Africa).

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At Jonker Inc we are able to assist our clients in instituting action based on delict as well as defend any delictual action that may have been instituted against our clients.

Our specialized team of Attorneys are best suited to advise our clients based on the unique facts of their specific matter.

Should a person need assistance in either instituting a claim for delictual damages or defending such a claim, our Attorneys will be more than able to assist in this regard. Specifically, our team can assist with, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Instituting claims for patrimonial loss (patrimonial loss can be expressed in money. A simple example would be the costs associated with repairing the damage to a motor vehicle that was involved in a collision); and
  • Instituting claims for non-patrimonial loss (non-patrimonial loss includes pain and suffering, emotional shock, disfigurement, loss of amenities of life and shortened life expectancy).